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funny cat laughs
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sweet kitten cry for mum
Sweet Kitten cry for mother cat
mini cat  looks astonished
Little cat is astonished above world


General conduct
While it takes time for your cat so you can interpret the behavior, but you've learned it once when you will almost always understand how your cat just feels or what she wants from you. In general, cats usually behave according to their corresponding natural behavior patterns. There are exceptions of course - by any behavioral or life circumstances - but normally you can really depend on the following survey.
Order of cleaning the wet
The self-care of the cat is often followed by a specific ritual, when the cat wants to achieve complete body cleansing one. The typical sequence is as follows:
1. Licking the lips
2. Licking paws of a page until it is wet
3. Rub the wet paw over the head, including ear, eye, cheek and chin
4. Moisten the other paw in the same way
5. Rub the wet paw over the other side of the head
6. Lick of the front legs and shoulders
7. Brushing of the flanks
8. Lick the genitals
9. Brushing the hind legs
10. Licking of the tail from the beginning to the top
Marking their territory and Territorial behavior
The cat shows his supporters on a regular basis that the area or territory is his. To this end, he walks from his residential area again and mark this important hunting, feeding and resting places. The marks he leaves, either the eyes or the nose meant for. When a cat rubs against you, they do not mean to show their affection alone. She transmits her body odor and identifies you as part of their district. Provides a free running cat fence posts and trees with scratch marks. In the apartment they scratch around on sofas or chairs to set visibility to brands. Male and female animals can spray urine, even if they are neutered, and one dominant male who does not leave its droppings, so a combined sight and scent marking.
Cats to humans for many thousands of years through the history accompany Although they have the characteristics of their wild ancestors retained many. One of these properties is the territorial behavior.
Observed migrating through a cat in the garden, can give the impression that the animal follows the mysterious paths. In fact, the area of a cat and of course a cat crossed by invisible paths, which runs the animal on his wanderings. Although other cats due to area overlap in the same ways of using, they do so, if possible simultaneously. If there are but two animals encounter once they walk by walking on a safe distance lying in parallel path most of the way. It is but of course the rival never lost sight of.
Meeting, two cats, it may still come to a fight. In such a case, then a female in heat or the ranking of fighting either. Most fights are these wounds but from without. It is, impressed and lifted the paw. Paw Sometimes, a small spread. So it goes back and forth until one of the contractors finally gives up and pulls back. The dominant male marks his territory by scent mark at most salient points of its leaves. So everybody knows approaching alien cat know that this territory, and therefore the cats in this is already occupied.
Also in the apartment held cat may begin with the mark of their district, in this case, just the flat. But that leaves a distinct odor. The reason this behavior is actually pure territorial behavior, neutering can help. But the animal should always be presented first, a veterinarian, to rule out organic problems or behavioral damage that can lead to the marker as well.
Cats are territorial animals:
If a strange cat in his own field is present, it will try to chase them. However, humans have generally no idea what emotions between the cats back and surging and the power games often take place regarding a district. Wild cats and wild cats themselves must ensure their livelihood. They defend a territory in which they have their resting place, and another in which they hunt.
Area size:
Wild cat have an area about as big as cats 3,5x, even if they can not roam this constantly, especially during the mating season. The spot of the female is smaller, but the more aggressive he defended if it has young. Then the cat is also much less willing, in their area to share the spoils.
However, when more food is available to, the social structure changes completely. Who in southern countries, the move was ever aware of the large numbers of stray and wild cats, which congregate around hotels, where there is plenty of food. The greater the food supply, the smaller the area that the cat has to defend, in order to survive.
What social concerns her is the cat that is flexible, the loner can with other dogs live together even if this should be necessary. Uncastrated, wild cat has a spot over several square kilometers, extends, while most cats only to the House of owner, whose garden is perhaps limited to the neighborhood on. Cats always take the same path, they have their favorite places from which life is seen around around. There, they also look for their favorite spots for sunbathing.
Moreover, the size of the district depends on the personality, age and sex of each cat down as well as whether it near other cats or dogs are in.
Shared use of grounds:
Cat owners often know very little about life, the cat outside the four walls of their leads, their struggles, compromises and friendship. Here, the most complicated area borders the gardens of our homes run by the secret with, for us not noticeable signs are marked.
Such a label does not necessarily mean "access forbidden". Mostly it means more like "Filou is now in the garden" or "Lilly used this route in the evening twilight. In a confined space together, cats often seem a kind of joint license agreement for a certain territory to have closed. Presumably this is the strongest animal access to the best hunting grounds, and at exactly the time is most likely the prey is on the way though. The less self-conscious will have to content themselves with periods in which no one wants to stay there. With the help of scent marks can peacefully settle all these things.
Just like a cat cuddles, she wants now and then and especially after meals or with a disease break. Get your cat also their times of relaxation, she will thank you. Bring if you have children, you too, a cat to correctly interpret the behavior of animals and the necessary respect towards bringing the love. Your cat will definitely be balanced when they escape to their reserves.


sleeping cats
Two sweet cats are sleeping in an dish.
dog and cat
Big dog with small cat of porcelain

Sweet funny cats...

water and cat
Cat had a cat-wash in the bathtub.
hallo cat
Brother of Garfield, or not?


cats_dream.jpg (18325 Byte)
Cat mother or dad with sweet kitten in washbasin.
mini cats
Sweet kitten live in trouser pocket...

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